PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!  Since our theme is "Pittsburgh; City of Bridges, City of Poets," we are only interested in cover art submissions that are representations of a BRIDGE IN PITTSBURGH! Period. Nothing else. Please. Any submissions that don't fit this rather narrow and very specific requirement will be declined without comment. Okay, are we cool? A BRIDGE in PITTSBURGH. There can be other things in the art, i.e. the area surrounding the bridge, people on the bridge, even the view FROM the bridge, but, we need the BRIDGE!

Calling all photographers and artists! We are looking for front cover art for future issues.  There is only one basic criteria (more specific requirements below): It must a photograph, drawing, painting, sculpture, or any kind of visual representation which includes a BRIDGE in PITTSBURGH, or the surrounding area. There can be other things in the art than the bridge, as long as it's clear a bridge is in there. 

That's it! Outside of that, we'll consider just about anything.

All entries MUST come through Submittable. You may enter up to five pieces, but each entry must be submitted separately.

 By submitting an entry, you are agreeing to the following:

1.   You are the creator of the work.

2.   You own all rights to the work.

3.   The entry must be submitted in a hi-res .jpg format.

4.   The entry maybe in color or b&w. 

5.   If the art is of a specific bridge and/or place (preferred), please cite the location and the approximate date.

6.   The artist will be cited on the copyright page of the print edition, as well asthe web page and online versions. You also are agreeing to let PPR use your work on it's website and social media.

7.   If we select your work for our database of potential future covers, you are granting us permission to alter or crop the image to fit our cover dimensions.

8.   If we select your work for our database of potential future covers, it does not constitute a promise of publication. 

9.   Payment will consist of two copies of the issue your art appears on.

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